Discover Your Dream Cup Size Swimsuits for Summer 2024

Finding the perfect swimsuit is a challenge for many, especially when it comes to accommodating cup size. It's not just about the style or the color; the right fit is essential for comfort and confidence. Whether you have a larger bust that requires extra support or you're in search of styles that cater to smaller cup sizes, this guide is your go-to resource for cup size swimsuits. We'll explore how to measure for the perfect fit, the latest trends, and where to find the best options for your body type. So, let's dive into the world of bra-sized swimwear and find your perfect match for the 2024 summer season!

How to Measure for the Perfect Swimsuit Fit

Before browsing the latest cup size swimsuits, it's crucial to know your measurements. Start by measuring your bust at the fullest point, your waist at the narrowest part, and your hips at the widest point. If you're unsure about your bra size, consider getting professionally fitted or use an online guide. Remember, swimwear sizing can differ from your regular bra size, so always check the brand's size chart before making a purchase.

Embrace Body Positivity with Inclusive Swimwear

In 2024, the swimwear industry continues to celebrate body positivity and inclusivity. Brands are offering a wider range of sizes and styles, ensuring there's a flattering fit for every body type. From bold prints to sleek solids, there's no shortage of options for those seeking cup size swimsuits. And with the rise of sustainable materials, you can feel good about your purchase, knowing it's eco-friendly.

Top Trends in Cup Size Swimsuits This Year

This year's swimwear trends include a mix of retro-inspired high-waisted bottoms, playful cutouts, and versatile mix-and-match pieces. For those with larger busts, underwire bikini tops and tankinis offer the support needed without compromising on style. Meanwhile, adjustable straps and removable padding are becoming standard features, providing a customizable fit for all cup sizes.

Let's Take a Look at Some Top Picks

Now that you're equipped with the knowledge to choose the best cup size swimsuit, it's time to explore some of the most stylish and supportive options available. From chic stripes to elegant embellishments, these swimsuits are designed to make you feel fabulous. Whether you're lounging by the pool or hitting the beach, these picks will ensure you do so in style and comfort.

Temptation Top Triangle - Striking Stripes

Temptation Top Triangle - Striking Stripes

Step into the spotlight with the 'Temptation Top Triangle - Striking Stripes.' This bikini top combines bold stripes and luxurious gold-plated hardware for a look that's both striking and supportive. With adjustable straps and removable padding, it offers a customizable fit for any beach day adventure.
Infatuation Triangle Top - Sweet Nothings

Infatuation Triangle Top - Sweet Nothings

The 'Infatuation Triangle Top - Sweet Nothings' is a love affair waiting to happen. Its thick neck straps and removable padding offer comfort and versatility, while the gold-plated hardware adds a touch of sophistication. Perfect for those who value detail and a supportive fit.
Infatuation Bralette Top - Caviar

Infatuation Bralette Top - Caviar

Indulge in the 'Infatuation Bralette Top - Caviar,' a top that redefines poolside elegance. Its adjustable straps provide excellent support, and the option to cross them adds a fashionable twist. The removable padding ensures a flattering silhouette for any swim enthusiast.
Riri Triangle Top - Cupid's Kiss

Riri Triangle Top - Cupid's Kiss

Flirt with the waves in the 'Riri Triangle Top - Cupid's Kiss.' This signature top features pearl gold chains for a resort-ready look. With its adjustable straps and removable padding, it offers both a chic appearance and the support needed for a day in the sun.

Finding Swimsuits for Large Busts

If you have a larger bust, look for swimsuits with features like underwire, thick straps, and full-coverage cups. These elements provide the necessary support and help distribute weight evenly. Brands specializing in D-cup and above swimwear are increasingly common, offering fashionable choices that don't sacrifice function.

Swimsuit Size Guide & Tips

When selecting cup size swimsuits, consider the level of activity you'll be engaging in. For more active pursuits, seek out styles with a secure fit to ensure everything stays in place. For relaxation, you might prefer a style with less structure for maximum comfort. Always remember to rinse your swimwear in cold water after use to maintain its shape and color.


With the right information and a clear understanding of what to look for, finding your ideal cup size swimsuit can be a breeze. Embrace the trends, prioritize your comfort, and remember that the best swimsuit for you is the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Happy swimming!

Size Guide

Our size chart is a guide to help you choose that perfect fit.
Sizing can vary due to coverage. If you are in-between size, we recommend to go up one size up.

32 XS S S/M M L L XL 2XL 3XL
34 S S/M M L L XL 2XL 2XL 3XL
36 S/M M L L XL 2XL 2XL 3XL 3XL
38 M L L XL 2XL 2XL 3XL 3XL 3XL


SIZE USA Waist (in) Waist (cm) Hips (in) Hips (cm)
XS 00-2 24-25 61-63.5 35-36 89-91.4
S 2-4 25-27 63.5-68.5 37-38 94-96.5
M 6-8 27-29 68.5-74 39-40 99-101.6
L 8-10 29-31 74-79 41-43 104-109

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